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Press Kit

About OSAF

Also, some of the early entries in Mitch Kapor's blog like the October 17, 2002 entry are about how OSAF came to be.

About Chandler


OSAF In The News Archive

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Significant published stories about what OSAF is doing:


06/27/2005 - The Boston Globe. Software knight Kapor takes up new quest. E-mail application would be free to all. by Robert Weisman, Globe Staff.

03/2005 - IEEE Internet Computing, vol. 9, no. 2 (March/April 2005): p.81-89. Open Calendar Sharing and Scheduling with CalDAV. by Lisa Dusseault, OSAF and Jim Whitehead, University of California, Santa Cruz.

This article, co-authored by OSAF's standards architect, is a great technical introduction to the new shared calendar standard that OSAF is supporting in Chandler.

Building on a decade of work on calendar standards, the CalDAV protocol promises to unlock the potential of widespread calendar interoperability. It permits calendar sharing over the Web and reduces the coordination cost of scheduling meetings across and within organizational boundaries. The protocol extends the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol — itself, a simple extension of HTTP — to provide services for calendar maintenance, queries, event scheduling, and security.

03/2005 - EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 40, no. 2 (March/April 2005): p.72–73. How Is Open Source Special? A good summary of the benefits, challenges, and lessons learned from structuring OSAF as an open source project.


10/20/2003 - MIT Technology Review - November 2003, Trash Your Desktop: Mitch Kapor's new, more intuitive computer interface puts all the information we need to manage our digital lives at our fingertips, no matter what form it's in., by Michael Fitzgerald (pdf version of the printed article - 470KB)

10/18/2003 - Wired Magazine, Reinventing Your Inbox: Mitch Kapor brings open source to the masses. by Dan Gillmor

7/13/2003 - CNET News.com, Inside the open-source development model, by Harvard Business School professor Siobhan O'Mahony

7/11/2003 - ZDNet.com, Here's how Linux gets to the desktop, by Dan Farber

7/10/2003 - Slashdot, Linux on the Desktop

7/10/2003 - eWeek.com, Linux Making Headway in Desktop Space, by Peter Galli

7/7/2003 - Working Knowledge, Harvard Business School, The Organizational Model for Open Source, by Mallory Stark, Baker Library

2/03/2003, PCWold.com, Lotus Founder Designs Low-Cost PIM, Open-source 'Chandler' is aimed at information management for small, midsize business., by Ashlee Vance, IDG News Service

1/30/2003, ISPCON.com, Looking for new services? Look to new software, Open-source PIM with flexible licensing for extensions may revive the ASP business, by Scott Mace

1/20/2003, The Seattle Times, Landscape rich in innovation for '03 software, by Paul Andrews


12/20/2002, Boston Globe, Sharing the riches -- Mitch Kapor uses his personal fortune to create free software he says will outdo Microsoft Outlook, by Chris Gaither

11/03/2002, Miami Herald, Tech legend develops information manager in new challenge to Microsoft, by Bob Porterfield - Associated Press Writer

10/31/2002, FORTUNE, A Whole New Outlook, by Stewart Alsop

10/30/2002, Computerworld, Lotus co-founder looking to build open-source apps, by Todd R. Weiss

10/28/2002, New York Times, Nonprofit to Create Open Source Software, by Lawrence M. Fisher

10/23/2002, c/net News.com, Lotus founder preps Outlook alternative, by Alorie Gilbert.

10/20/2002, San Jose Mercury News, Software idea may be just crazy enough to work, by Dan Gillmor.

Web coverage

Google Web search for web sites referencing Kapor AND Open Source.

Significant web references about what OSAF is doing:


8/14/2006, SDA Asia, New Personal Information Manager in the Making, by Priya George. "Mitch Kapor and his group of open source developers are working on a new application called Chandler a successor of Lotus Agenda, tentatively set for release early next year, which will have the utility of Agenda without the hassles."

8/07/2006, Wired News, Mitch Kapor Thaws Fossilware Fave, by Joanna Glasner. "Mitch Kapor made his fortune designing the first PC spreadsheet, but his favorite creation is an obscure personal information management app called Lotus Agenda."

2/15/2006, NewsForge, Test Drive: Chandler PIM , by Nathan Willis. Good review of the Chandler 0.6 release especially from a Linux point-of-view.

2/14/2006, NewsForge?, Introduction to CalDAV, by Nathan Willis. Summarizes the work done on this open standard for calendar servers and references OSAF's work on the protocol, our Cosmo server implementation, and the Chandler client support.


1/13/2005 - CNET news.com, At the heart of the open-source revolution, interview by Paul Festa. Mitch answers questions about open source, Chandler developments, and the relationship between Chandler and various Mozilla Foundation projects.

1/10/2005 - Boston Globe (boston.com), Group aims to capitalize on Firefox success. Robert Weisman quotes Mitch Kapor on the significance of Firefox's success to other open source projects including Chandler.


6/04/2004 - O'Reilly ONLamp.com Python DevCenter, Inside Mitch Kapor's World. Steve Holden interviews Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus and new open source advocate, after the recent PyCon (March 2004) about his life and career, the OSAF, Chandler, open source, and Python. The interview was conducted at the Pycon 2004 conference in Washington DC.

5/18/2004 - The Industry Standard: Guest Blog, Chandler lives, by Ashlee Vance


10/24/2003 - IT Manager's Journal, Kapor: Why the old development model is history, by: Chris Gulker (review of Mitch's presentation at the SDForum on 10/23/2003)

1/30/2003 - Extreme Tech, Alpha Of Kapor's Open-Source PIM Due In Spring, Project "Chandler" Moves Ahead; Software Promises New Levels Of Organization, Interaction, by Mark Hachman


12/23/2002 - continuing, Slashdot.org, More On Kapor's Attempt To Best Outlook.

12/22/2002 - ZDNet News, A free, open-source Outlook alternative?, by Alorie Gilbert

12/19/2002 - The Australian IT, Mitch Kapor, by Barbara Gengler

11/04/2002 - Infoworld, Follow the money, by Steve Gillmor

10/30/2002 - The Yoz Grahame Burgundy Explosion, Chandler: The return of Lotus Agenda.

10/21/2002 - The Register, Kapor's open source 'spreadsheet for the mind', by Andrew Orlowski.

10/20/2002 - continuing, Slashdot.org, Mitch Kapor's Outlook-Killer.

Presentation Archive

Visit our Blog for recent presentations.


October 21, 2004, Denver CO. EDUCAUSE Mitch Kapor, The Cathedral, the Bazaar, and the Academy (.ppt -- 75KB).

July 28, 2004, OSCON 2004, Portland, OR. Mitch Kapor, Ted Leung, John Anderson, and Brian Kirsch presented a panel A Developer's Tour of Chandler (.ppt -- 4.15 MB).

June 8, 2004, Institute for Software Research (ISR), University of California, Irvine. Mitch Kapor presented the the Keynote address (.ppt) for the 2004 ISR Research Forum entitled, "Chandler: An Open Source Personal Information Manager." May 2004 - presentation to the calendaring group (.ppt), at Oracle Corp.(formerly Steltor Corp.) discussing OSAF's view of the protocol and standards landscape and relevance to Chandler.

Chandler Update, January 2004. A presentation that with minor modifications was presented to the Winter meeting of the Common Solutions Group, the Westwood Advisory Council, and the OSAF Board of Directors. (109K .pdf file)


Educause 2003, Chandler: A Collaborative Open Source Initiative for Higher Education,

November 07, 2003. A panel session with presentations (see links for the presentations) by (1) Mitchell Kapor, President, OSAF; (2) Chao Lam, Product Manager, OSAF; (3) Jack McCredie, CIO & Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Systems & Technology, U.C., Berkeley; and (4 [html] [.ppt]) Oren Sreebny, Executive Director, Learning Technologies, U. of Washington

10/23/2003, SDForum - Ubiquitous Open Source (.ppt) [review of the presentation is reported online in IT Manager's Journal article

10/24/2003, Kapor: Why the old development model is history, by Chris Gulker]

10/2003 Chandler for Internet II (.pdf)

9/19/2002 OSAF Board of Directors meeting

2/10/2003 OSAF Board of Directors meeting

5/19/2004OSAF Board of Directors meeting

9/21/2004 OSAF Board of Directors meeting

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