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Parcel Loading Mechanism

Chandler now supports loading parcels from an external directory in addition to the default "internal" parcels directory. If you set the PARCELPATH environment variable to point to a directory (make sure it is an absolute path), all parcel subdirectories of PARCELPATH will be loaded after the default parcels.

(For information on how parcels work, see ParcelManager.)

Inside a parcel, if you ever need to know your parcel's absolute file system path, use "self.model.path".

This feature was added for a few reasons:

  • It makes it easier for third-party developers, who can now keep their parcel code wherever they want
  • It let's us move parcels around without having to change any paths in the code
  • Eventually, end users sharing a single Chandler installation will be able to add their own parcels without affecting the other users

-- MorgenSagen - 18 Jul 2003

Loading your account info from a parcel

Create a ~/parcels/personal/ directory, and create a file named _ _ init _ _.py inside it, using the following as an example:

import application.schema as schema
from osaf.pim.mail import IMAPAccount, IMAPFolder, POPAccount, SMTPAccount,EmailAddress
from osaf.sharing import WebDAVAccount
from osaf.framework import password
from osaf.framework.twisted import waitForDeferred
def installParcel(parcel, oldVersion=None):
    pim_ns = schema.ns('osaf.pim', parcel)
    sharing_ns = schema.ns('osaf.sharing', parcel)
    dav = WebDAVAccount.update(parcel, 'ExampleDAVAccount',
        title=u'Example Sharing',
        password=password.Password.update(parcel, 'ExampleDAVAccount password'),
        references=[sharing_ns.currentSharingAccount] # Make this account default
    myEmailAddress = EmailAddress.update(parcel, 'ExampleEmailAddress',
        title=u'Example Email Address',
        fullName=u'Example Name',
    smtp = mySMTPAccount = SMTPAccount.update(parcel, 'ExampleSMTPAccount',
        title=u'Example SMTP Account',
        password=password.Password.update(parcel, 'ExampleSMTPAccount password'),
        references=[pim_ns.currentOutgoingAccount] # Make this account default
    imap = IMAPAccount.update(parcel, 'ExampleIMAPAccount',
        title=u'Example IMAP Account',
        password=password.Password.update(parcel, 'ExampleIMAPAccount password'),
        references=[pim_ns.currentIncomingAccount] # Make this account default
    # Uncomment the following lines if you've already created "Chandler folders"
    # for this IMAP account, and want mail/events/tasks read from them
    #IMAPFolder(itsView=parcel.itsView, displayName = u"Chandler Tasks",
               #folderName  = u"Chandler Tasks", folderType  = "TASK",
               #parentAccount = imap)
    #IMAPFolder(itsView=parcel.itsView, displayName = u"Chandler Mail",
               #folderName  = u"Chandler Mail", folderType  = "MAIL",
               #parentAccount = imap)
    #IMAPFolder(itsView=parcel.itsView, displayName = u"Chandler Events",
               #folderName  = u"Chandler Events", folderType  = "EVENT",
               #parentAccount = imap)
    # Uncomment the following lines if you want to load additional 
    # certificates from a .pem file:
    #from osaf.framework.certstore.data import loadCerts

Set your PARCELPATH environment variable to ~/parcels and run Chandler.

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