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Email Project Development Schedule

This schedule is, since we have no developers hired, just one step above a guess.

Person 2003Q3 Q42003 2004Q1 2004Q2 2004Q3 ALPHA 2004Q4 BETA 2005Q1 2005Q2
Dev#1 integration of POP, SMTP, and message parsing libraries with exceptionally stupid 2-pane display: no sorting, no searching, no config, no prefs integration of IMAP libraries and very basic stupid sending UI data compositing, richer browsing UI: 3-panel display (i.e. clever query handling), TableOutline? integration, basic threading, task management UI automation/prioritization features backend (e.g. filters, auto-responding), templates, advanced threading performance/bugs performance/bugs secure filtering performance/bugs
Dev#2 X X mimimal preferences backend, richer reading UI: pretty headers, quoted-printable, format=flowed, MIME display, MIME handlers, attachment handling richer sending UI: integrating HTML work (w/HTML person), attachments, integrating sending with Contacts (including auto-completion) performance/bugs performance/bugs stuff we forgot X
Dev#3 X X X rich preferences, identity/persona management, spellchecking, add sender to address book performance/bugs performance/bugs graceful disconnected mode for IMAP performance/bugs
Dev#4 X X X automation UI, cleanup X X X X

-- DuckySherwood - 08 Aug 2003

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