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Release Notes - OUT OF DATE

NOTE This page is no longer maintained. Release notes are now published to The Chandler Project Blog.

Chandler Desktop Release Notes

Bug Fixed in this release

Chandler fixes the following issue, which severely complicated upgrades from version 0.7.3:

  • Bug 11823 Couldn't migrate 0.7.3 to 0.7.4 on MacOSX

Chandler Desktop 0.7.4 Release Notes

Major improvements

  • Many bug fixes, including stability issues, and improved triage status and dashboard behavior.
  • Optional Tip of the day dialog (Bug 11574).
  • German Localization contributed by Andreas Beisemann (Bug 11701).

Known Issues in this Release

Full List of Bug Fixes

  • Bug 6629 testing framework bug: KeyError:
  • Bug 7894 Events should be marked as DONE when end-date/times roll by, but not 'Purged' to DONE section
  • Bug 8658 Missing documentation on en_GB locale requirement
  • Bug 8814 After Preview is frozen, we should contact volunteer localizers to get them started
  • Bug 9928 Recorded Scripts: playback too sensitive to time zone settings
  • Bug 10128 MinCyg download on Chandler page missing some binaries
  • Bug 10498 Recorded script recTestAllDay passing even though it is creating a note
  • Bug 10625 Save when dragging event lozenges in the calendar
  • Bug 10662 error while deleting office cal
  • Bug 10750 TCEUT0007 - Sending an update to an invite doesn't trigger sending the mail
  • Bug 10909 Chandler does not build on 64-bit Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
  • Bug 10916 PyDeadObjectError from wxTimedEventsCanvas
  • Bug 10937 Start-up screen that directs people to demo movies
  • Bug 10948 Entire recurring series keep popping into NOW but no evidence of global edit
  • Bug 10999 gdata plugin ends up as an .egg in plugins/ others are .egg-link
  • Bug 11110 Traceback when renaming a non-visible collection
  • Bug 11375 Use of delete key in quick entry field
  • Bug 11388 New items with a "/" anywhere in the title don't get created
  • Bug 11396 recTestNewEvent fails on intel leopard tbox
  • Bug 11428 Kernel protection error double clicking in calendar
  • Bug 11444 Redesign export on quit
  • Bug 11454 Plugin install fails if no write access to CHANDLERHOME/plugins
  • Bug 11475 Nov 12th, 2007 Weekly PPD Meeting keeps popping back to NOW
  • Bug 11479 wxGrid fails to send EVT_GRID_EDITOR_HIDDEN
  • Bug 11494 It's possible to have a collection be subscribed but not appear in the sidebar
  • Bug 11498 Need to handle cosmo response 409 to see if duplicate icaluids reported
  • Bug 11513 A couple exception raising statements are missing proper module name
  • Bug 11514 Localization scripts leveraging build_lib.runCommand fail on Windows
  • Bug 11531 Need a tool to compare Chandler.pot with submitted Chandler-LOCALE.po
  • Bug 11556 0.7.3 RC1 Chandler fails to launch with ValueError: An error occured while creating VM
  • Bug 11562 Events don't auto triage to now when changing time of recurring event
  • Bug 11573 distIndex needs to be fixed to deal with the ~ in .deb files
  • Bug 11577 wx stock labels in English when starting on non-English system
  • Bug 11578 recorded script recTestNewEvent fails on Leopard
  • Bug 11597 Item I edited shows up as Unread in PPD collection
  • Bug 11602 Traceback borked my PPD collection
  • Bug 11604 Not able to create Chandler HUb Account - Generating Timeout error
  • Bug 11606 Failed to import record ItemRecord
  • Bug 11616 Traceback using context menu during script recording
  • Bug 11625 Using UI repo view from bg thread
  • Bug 11640 gettext needs to be built in external for mac and windows
  • Bug 11645 make install fails on leopard with error: egg creation failed
  • Bug 11660 Sending email to yourself in Chandler causes false-positive 'Unread' status and 'popping into Now
  • Bug 11661 Only pop the NEXT OCCURRENCE into NOW if there has been a global edit.
  • Bug 11663 print statements in production code
  • Bug 11666 Recorded Script: mini cal nav does not work in Leopard on playback
  • Bug 11692 Subscribe to Google Calendar results in Subscribe Error
  • Bug 11697 Recorded Scripts don't handle tabbing into notes DV field
  • Bug 11701 Add the German translation to the SVN trunk Makefile and releases
  • Bug 11702 Update debug plugin for repository as egg
  • Bug 11734 Update the French po for 0.7.4
  • Bug 8447 recorded scripts don't work for dialogs
  • Bug 8772 Recorded script recTestKeepOutOfDashboard fails
  • Bug 9442 Recorded script quick entry creation of an item with apostrophe in title generates invalid python
  • Bug 9714 Script recording - triage button doesn't get clicked on playback
  • Bug 9758 Script recording - unable to name an event on creation
  • Bug 9768 Script Recording - scripts fail to stamp items on playback
  • Bug 9780Script recording - script too sensitive to event time on playback
  • Bug 10187 browse never catches AssertionErrors
  • Bug 10709 timezone display error
  • Bug 11121 Land the recorded_scripts branch
  • Bug 11150 Recorded scripts focusWindow.GetName() error when using quick entry
  • Bug 11172 Changing UI indication for working hours
  • Bug 11181 webbrowser.open is unreliable
  • Bug 11194 clicking on outgoing mail in the accounts dialog scrolls it on the top hiding the other 2 options
  • Bug 11390 gutsy and leopard tbox logs don't include func test logs
  • Bug 11431 Inconsistent wording for protocol: type vs protocol
  • Bug 11433 Recorded scripts finds bug in wxGrid on Leopard
  • Bug 11462 Unstamping as mail after attempting to remove from Dashboard leads to AssertionError: index (n) out of range (n) and python crash on closing app
  • Bug 11507 Emails sent from Chandler don't display First Name, Last Name in the From column
  • Bug 11528 Traceback when canceling a "collections and settings" export
  • Bug 11547 App crash on compact
  • Bug 11569 TestMulti fails intermittently on Linux
  • Bug 11574 Tip of the day
  • Bug 11582 Land the wx tarball for wxPython
  • Bug 11583 Recorded scripts UnboundLocalError: 'window' referenced before assignment
  • Bug 11627 Deleting imap account and adding another leads to exception
  • Bug 11708 Difficulties replacing TestEnableTimeZones with recorded script

Chandler Desktop 0.7.3 Release Notes

Major improvements

  • Month View:Yes! Month View! This has been pretty much at the very top of everyone's wish list so we decided to bite the bullet and just did it. Month View can be reached by simply clicking the month name in the top area of the calendar. Switch back to week view simply clicking on the week number on the left side. This fixes bugs:
    • Bug #5361 30-day view? Variable multi-day view.
  • Bundled Localizations: Another feature in high demand. Chandler now comes bundled with localizations in French, Swedish and Finnish. If you'd like to join the localization effort in your own native language, we are looking for volunteers. This is a great way to get familiarized with Chandler ideas and its community. Check out the localization documentation and post an email to the chandler-dev mailing list so we know who's working on what. We fixed the following bugs along the way:
    • Bug #11197 Normalize dialog title capitalization
    • Bug #11199 Bogus message in MasterPassword.py 493-499
    • Bug #11201 Incorrect strings in GetPasswordDialog
    • Bug #11260 Export dialog text says 'Exported' not Dumped
    • Bug #11333 Reword Unpublish Confirmation dialog
    • Bug #11405 Need different strings for no encryption and no alarm (currently 'None')
    • Bug #11419 Fixed running with localed using ',' instead of '.' for decimal point (was : invalid literal for float() error when reloading a .chex)
    • Bug #11470 File > Sync manager... has mnemonic
    • Bug #11490 Reminders dialog missing mnemonics, default button
  • Share Management: There's a new feature under the File menu called Sync Manager. This allows users to view and choose which of the published collections on their Chandler Server need to be synced with the Chandler Desktop. Additionally, this dialog shows up automatically in some situation (like restoring settings). This helps the user to avoid "forgetting" collections on the server.
  • Support and build for Mac OS X Leopard, Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and Use System Libraries: Modern OSes are now catching up with Chandler's use of cutting edge releases of Python. So the good news is that, for those systems, we don't have to bundle all these, resulting in much smaller downloads. We now provide special downloads for those Systems.
    • Bug #11088 Use system python on Mac (Leopard), Ubuntu Feisty and forward
  • Automate Upgrade Process: User now have the option to let Chandler export a .chex on quit. This is convenient for new users (small data base) with fast machines. For old timers with thousands of items, there's an option to bypass this (don't forget to export though before upgrading to a new version of Chandler):

Known Issues in this Release

  • Bug #11194 Clicking on outgoing mail in the accounts dialog scrolls it on the top hiding the other 2 options
  • Bug #11408 Calendar view should persist as users navigates between collections

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Bug #3256 Bidirectional .ics sharing support. This makes birectionnal sharing compatible with Sunbird and Lighting. It's not working with iCal though since iCal doesn't support bi-directional sharing to WebDAV.
  • Bug #8283 Can't trust my mail server's SSL certificate. You have now the option to ignore the error.
  • Bug #11010 Name changes to collections now sync correctly
  • Bug #11035 Configure email settings automatically for gmail and other well-known services
  • Bug #11063 User-agent string now mentions OS version (for web stats)
  • Bug #11179 Crash when compacting repo
  • Bug #11190 Proxies dialog is now modal and centered on app
  • Bug #11204 Share-Publish from within firewall fails
  • Bug #11210 Fixed attributeError: osaf.pim.mail.MailStamp.bccAddress when updating message
  • Bug #11224 HTTP proxy settings now handle exclusions
  • Bug #11233 "Suspend Syncing > All" state is now saved when closing and restarting
  • Bug #11253 Proxy dialog resizes properly on Ubuntu
  • Bug #11379 Fixed AttributeError on moving events
  • Bug #11406 Fixed 'exceptions.NotImplementedError' failure on subscribe
  • Bug #11415 Fixed new alarm creation (streaming traceback on every start of Chandler)
  • Bug #11417 Can now subscribe to .ics URL
  • Bug #11450 Fixed traceback on click of "view 1 pending change" red bar in detail view
  • Bug #11457 Fixed SaveValueError: While saving value for 'folderName' on IMAPFolder
  • Bug #11472 Fixed assertion when subscribing and unchecking "keep out of dashboard"
  • Bug #11474 Fixed Globals.mailService.shutdown when canceling a .chex reload
  • Bug #11203 Can't enter 2/29/2008 in detail view (its leap year!)
  • Bug #11299 Quick entry NLP tracesback on "today 3:30-5PM "

Chandler Desktop 0.7.2 Release Notes

Major improvements

  • Dashboard: Following up on users logged bugs and remarks, we improved the Dashboard display of the Who column and made it work more in sync with the other columns. We also changed how the triage status cycles. This fixes bugs:
    • Bug #10924 Chandler leaves the Who column blank when the user stamps an item but doesn't address it
    • Bug #10925 Chandler displays 'to' if a message is neither fromMe nor toMe
    • Bug #10926 The order of Triage Status has been changed to NOW, LATER, DONE
    • Bug #10927 The 'Edited/Updated by' in the Who column is displayed only for unread messages
  • Support for Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon: We're now using wxPython which fixes crashes reported by several users of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. This fixes Bug #10906.
  • New version of PyLucene: Chandler's PyLucene is not using gcj anymore, but rather our own home brew jcc. See the PyLucene page for more info. This fixes Bug #10803 java error syncing among others.
  • Auto fill for common email providers: Account settings now fill automatically for the most common email providers. Just type your email address and if the provider is recognized, most of the settings will be filled out automatically.
  • Chandler-on-a-stick, a.k.a. "Portable Chandler": Though not built automatically and available for download, it is now possible to build a relocatable distribution of Chandler that can be stored on, and run from a removable device such as a USB memory stick or an iPod. See Bug #10778 Make a Portable App version of Chandler for details.
  • Getting ready for l10n (localization): Chandler Desktop 0.7.2 is not completely ready for localizers yet (still a handful of bugs to fix; this will happen in 0.7.3) but we solved a significant set of issues that will make the localization process much easier:
    • Bug #3740 : Tests are now run on a Tinderbox using a non-ascii locale / charset for path
    • Bug #5658 Localized UI meta data stored in the Repository needs to be refreshable without altering User Data : There's now a new language picker in the File menu making it easier to change language and test localization without having to throw the whole repository or use magic command line options
    • Bug #10132 Triage NOW, LATER, DONE images un-localizable : now those bitmaps are computed within Chandler using provided localized text. No more bitmaps to localize!
    • Bug #10136 Improving Chandler gettext tools
    • Bug #10139 Add context comments to Chandler Code. Extra L10N comments that display in po editors (like poedit) have been incorporated in the code to give context to localizers.
    • Bug #10140 Clean up the Python code to produce a more useable Chandler.pot : Chandler 0.7.2 does not use the English language translation file to correct inconsistency in the Python code so localization files can now be tested.
    • Bug #10957 Send button clips off screen when button label verbiage expanded
    • Bug #11061 Incorrect detection of country code on Mac OS X
    • Bug #11066 Can't create events with international date formats
    • Bug #11073 The Application.restart method needs to shutdown all Chandler services
    • Bug #11106 Splash Screen needs to handle text expansion
    • Bug #11107 File Menu Item New ->New revisisted
    • Bug #11117 Rework the conflict resolution strings to be clearer to localizers
    • Bug #11135 Improve i18n of recurrence strings in emails
    • Bug #11162 Fix some missing mnemonics

Known Issues in this Release

  • gmail SMTP settings: There's a known issue with the new auto fill feature for gmail SMTP (uses TLS instead of SSL). Clicking on the "Auto-Configure" button fixes it. See Bug #11035 for details. Fixed in 0.7.3
  • gmail POP accounts: Mail-only updates don't seem to work with gmail accounts : This is actually a problem on the gmail side. To fix this: in gmail go to settings POP Download and select "Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)". Then select Save Changes and try updating. See Bug #11288 for details.

  • Bug #10886 Can't select all in table when sorted by triage status
  • Bug #11010 Display name changes to collections don't sync Fixed in 0.7.3
  • Bug #11181 webbrowser.open is unreliable
  • Bug #11238 Reminder popup and purge dialog compete and prevent use of Chandler (will be fixed in 0.7.4)
  • Bug #11239 Using delete via context menu can delete the wrong user item - no indication to user (will be fixed in 0.7.4)

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Bug #5112 Subscribing to calendar URLS : you can now subscribe to iCalendar URLs provided by BaseCamp and other services.
  • Bug #6539 Cannot set network proxy : this fix will help you use Chandler behind a Firewall
  • Bug #7122 openssl binaries again included on Linux
  • Bug #8378 Fixed incorrect event date in the event details of the invite
  • Bug #8874 Tweaked Chandler email body text
  • Bug #10150 Warn users that IMAP folders make take a long time to show up in email client
  • Bug #10310 Fixed Chandler hanging if sharing needs pop up certificate dialogs
  • Bug #10368 Date column isn't squished at start-up
  • Bug #10580 Improve verbiage around Sharing URLs. The menu item "Copy URLs to Clipboard" under the "Share" menu has been renamed "Invite..." and now displays a dialog.
  • Bug #10715 Attempt to synchronize doesn't cause warning status on collection anymore
  • Bug #10730 Fixed situation where item shown pending changes even when there were no local changes
  • Bug #10742 Improved reload dialog options on startup
  • Bug #10769 select all + delete of recurring events avoid the "never-dismissing recurrence dialog" issue
  • Bug #10777 Delete first occurrence after modifications now works
  • Bug #10799 Need a mechanism to ignore certain EIM fields when determining which items move to NOW or get marked unread : this fix reduces the amount of items popping to NOW (false positives).
  • Bug #10811 Fix for partial sync of events
  • Bug #10818 F5 shortcut now consistently triage items
  • Bug #10858 Implement Phil's quick entry patch : this will allow plugins to extend the Quick Entry commands
  • Bug #10891 Fixed SSL error situations that caused crash or hang
  • Bug #10893 The Use Time Zones dialog displayed on ics import has a default button
  • Bug #10895 Chandler now sends display name + email address in ModifiedByRecord
  • Bug #10903 We now include the .deb download link on the linux download page
  • Bug #10958 Evolution Interop: Date w/o Time and no TZ causes traceback
  • Bug #10973 Fixed "stale Item has no attribute 'dismissItem'" issue
  • Bug #10977 Nesting transactions during a commit( ) raises an error
  • Bug #10979 Fixed "Chandler fails to start - DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found"
  • Bug #10982 Now you can import Evolution VALARMs into Chandler
  • Bug #10987 Deleted shared events won't be coming back
  • Bug #10992 Question mark character added to end of text entered in quick entry field automatically cleaned up
  • Bug #11005 Deleting a recurring event won't cause a stack trace
  • Bug #11048 Fixed PYTHONHOME issues on Windows XP so that it launches if user already had PYTHONHOME set
  • Bug #11089 SSL error/warnings dialogs always states the host against which we had the error
  • Bug #11096 Fixed traceback on exporting
  • Bug #11103 Some Minical drag and drop improvements
  • Bug #11149 Added Help > Getting Started menu entry
  • Bug #11178 Fixed hang when trying to quit while chandler is restoring shares
  • Bug #11232 Fixed KeyError on deleting collections in the sidebar for Mac PPC

A problem in the "Reload Collection and Settings" limited to Mac PPC prompted us to release a bug fix for that platform. If you are using 0.7.2 for Mac PPC and had problems migrating your Chandler data from a previous version, please download

For more details, see Bug #11305.

Chandler Desktop 0.7.1 Release Notes

0.7.1 fixes the following bugs:

  • Bug #8874 Chandler email body text tweaks
  • Bug #8981 Bug in Twisted IMAP Capabilities Parsing
  • Bug #9454 (Partial fix) Memory leaks in SSL code
  • Bug #9920 AttributeError: 'pem' while syncing with https://hub.chandlerproject.org
  • Bug #10130 Localizing the date format strings causes an exception to be raised
  • Bug #10131 Unlocalizable layout in the Accounts dialog
  • Bug #10308 Test sharing settings when there is an SSL error times out on first try
  • Bug #10309 Canceling account creation still leaves password filled in
  • Bug #10514 Changing triage status on newly created task crashes Chandler
  • Bug #10543 Attribute Error dropping .eml into Chandler (AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'itsItem')
  • Bug #10702 changing back from "all day" event (recurring) puts event at midnight
  • Bug #10716 Mail error message has extra (unicode?) "u" in it
  • Bug #10717 Weird error dialog title when sending mail
  • Bug #10726 (Partial fix) --undo command line arg change
  • Bug #10728 Send button doesn't change to update on adding an email address to the To field
  • Bug #10788 Old DONE Message item popping back into NOW section
  • Bug #10790 Unstamping taskness from an occurrence while another Chandler makes a change to same occurrence results in server error
  • Bug #10793 Missing mnemonics in TrustServerCertificateDialog
  • Bug #10794 Update root certificates
  • Bug #10815 Subscribe error when no rrules or rrdates
  • Bug #10817 invalid index in wxListBox::SetString on deleting the outgoing mail account in debug
  • Bug #10821 iCal (private) import from Google calendar locks up in the same place each try.
  • Bug #10824 Don't prepopulate reload dialog with a non-existent file, it's annoying
  • Bug #10828 Work with Mac OSX 10.4 IMAP Server
  • Bug #10829 Allow self-signed certificates (but show warning dialog)
  • Bug #10833 chandler.log not rotating as expected
  • Bug #10853 Search doesn't find matching notes
  • Bug #10855 Traceback when publishing to Oracle Server
  • Bug #10880 Localization string clean up and new layout method
  • Bug #10881 Orphans should have their icalUID deleted
  • Bug #10882 Export of chex should dump masters before occurrences
  • Bug #10913 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'status' when resubmitting an HTTP request
  • Bug #10941 SSL certificate errors should not be hijacked by the generic sharing error dialog

Chandler 0.7 Preview Release Notes

What's new, different and better since the 0.6 release?!

Chandler Desktop System Requirements

Here are the minimum and recommended configurations for running Chandler Desktop:

Machine OS CPU Processor
Linux Ubuntu Dapper Drake Pentium(R) 4 2.8 GHz 512 MB 1 GB
Intel Mac Mac OSX 10.4 Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz 512 MB 1 GB
PPC Mac Mac OSX 10.4 G4 1.25 GHz 512 MB 1 GB
Windows Win XP Professional
Edition SP2
Pentium(R) 4 2.8 GHz 512 MB 1 GB


  • Since Chandler 0.6 we added native support for Apple's Intel Macintosh and switched our supported Linux distribution from Fedora Core to Ubuntu.
  • We haven't tested Chandler Desktop on Windows Vista.
  • Chandler may work on different systems (different CPU, different amount of memory) but performance can be significantly different too.
  • For other OSes, see Contributed Builds.

Chandler Desktop Release Notes

These Release Notes give a near complete but condensed list of the major modifications that happened in Chandler Desktop since Chandler 0.6. It doesn't list all bug fixes, neither does it describe all architectural changes made to the build, test architecture and development tools as it is focused on changes that have an influence on Chandler users and the Chandler experience.

Improved and New Features

Triage Table and Dashboard
  • The Triage Table is the default way of displaying and interacting with items and can be used for all kind of items, including events. The default All collection always shows that view even when the Calendar is selected in the toolbar. Also, that collection is renamed Dashboard (formerly My Calendar) as it now contains any kind of items.
  • A Triage column and Triage button have been added to the User Interface. Any item can be triaged for NOW, LATER or DONE. Events and items with reminders are automatically triaged so to show up in the right section. Modified shared items show up in the Now section when modified even if their triage status is not Now so to notify the user that a change happened. Items can be triaged in place in the table without confusingly moving around. The toolbar Triage button gets everything back in the correct section.
  • The table widget used by the Triage Table has been improved: better native table headers, better sorting on columns (ascending and descending), separation of the table in collapsable sections (for triage only in Chandler Preview), state icons with tooltips in columns, in place editing for some columns (triage, communication status, reminders).
  • The Who and Date columns display the latest updater and next useful date respectively. Similarly the detail view of an item displays a byline field showing who and when an item was last modified.
  • Sharing with Chandler Server is much more reliable and faster using the new Morse Code protocol. Any kind of item can be shared through Morse Code.
  • The sharing Ticket URL is unique for all use: it can be used to subscribe to a collection from another Chandler or directly from a browser using the Chandler web client.
  • Chandler provides default connection and settings for sharing on the free chandlerhub service. User must create an account and give their user name and password in the File>>Accounts... dialog.
  • If you run your own Chandler Server instance or have collections hosted on another Chandler Server, use the File>>Accounts... and create a Chandler Server Sharing account.
  • Merging of items edited by different people on Chandler Server or shared via email has been implemented. Concurrent edits do not overwrite each other anymore.
  • In case of conflict in concurrent editing, a conflict management dialog is provided to the user so no data is accidentally lost.
  • Chandler offers automatically scheduled sync done in the background without impairing the use of the application.
  • There's an offline mode available from the menu so to explicitly prevent sharing if needed.
  • Sharing of individual items is fully supported using email as a sharing conduit. No Chandler server is necessary is that case (see Email here under).
  • The Never share per item option has been removed as it was too confusing for users (too similar to a read only feature) and was too difficult to track. To avoid sharing an item, you need to move it in a collection that is not shared.
  • The account setting dialog has been deeply modified and simplified. An auto configure feature allows most common email settings to be automatically discovered by Chandler.
  • A new Edit/Update workflow has been implemented: this means that any item, including emails inbound or outbound, is editable and can be sent again (aka Updated) to its originators and addresses. This workflow does not create a thread of items but allows one item to be shared and modified using email as a sharing conduit. We hope to promote this workflow as an alternative to long threads when working collaboratively on a task/event/note item.
  • Despite its improved support for IMAP, POP and SMTP and because of its specificities (Edit/Update workflow, no notion of hierarchy of folders, all items editable, items morphing into other kinds, etc...), Chandler cannot be considered a full fledge email client. In particular, emails downloaded on Chandler using IMAP do not disappear from Chandler when deleted on the mail server. Symmetrically, emails deleted on Chandler are not deleted on the server. You should be aware of these particularities if you intend to use Chandler as an email client of sorts.
  • Chandler also supports the more traditional Reply, Reply all and Forward set of buttons. Replying to an email creates another item instead of modifying the working item (use Update to prevent generating new items). Chandler implements from, to, cc and bcc addressing fields.
  • Chandler can receive any email but only emails sent by other Chandlers are automatically downloaded. In that case, Chandler shows the item in its full Chandler glory, i.e. with all its fields and attributes carried along. In such a scenario, email is simply a conduit to exchange full fledged Chandler items between Chandler clients, without having to sync up with an intermediate Chandler Hub.
  • Additionally, Chandler can receive any email from any client but only if those emails have been dropped in a special set of IMAP Chandler folders. Those folders are created when setting up the email account in Chandler. Email passed through those folders are marked as Tasks or Events depending in which folder they are dropped in. Email with simple dates in their title are automatically recognized, parsed and marked as events by Chandler. See the Getting Started Guide for more on this and other new email functionalities.
  • ICS attachments are automatically converted into Chandler events and, symmetrically, Chandler events are attached as ICS when emailed. This allows Chandler to support a very basic invite workflow. Chandler does not support iMip/iTip though. Also other attachments are not yet converted into Chandler's item (e.g. attached vCards) and Chandler does not support attached files.
  • The calendar rendering has been improved to be more pleasant: rounded corners, new colored gradient, white text and better typography, color swatches for items presents in several user collections.
  • The number of hours displayed per day (vertical spread of events) can be changed under the View>>Visible Hours menu.
  • Several aspects of the User Interface (Drag and Drop, scrolling, keyboard navigation) have been improved or added.
  • Date entry fields auto complete for quick entry and support parsing of natural language date and time (e.g. "Monday" will set the date for next Monday, "tomorrow" for tomorrow, "lunch" or "noon" will set the time to 12:00PM).
  • Print was too deficient and has been pulled out of Preview.
  • Free/busy, which was experimentally introduced in 0.7alpha3, has been pulled out of Preview as it was not robust enough and was not clearly useful without support for contacts.
  • Menus have been rearranged so some commands may not be in the same place as in Chandler 0.6. Accelerators and shortcuts have been more consistently implemented.
  • Most places in the application support a contextual menu (right-click or control-click depending on the platform).
  • Experimental features and developers tools have all been segregated under the Tools menu. Some of these new experimental features are a repository servlet to view items in a browser (e.g. hit F4 to browse into any item), repository check and repair tools and a script recording and script player tool among others.
Security and Troubleshooting
  • It is possible to encrypt the entire repository or just email and sharing passwords and control access with a master password.
  • When a crash happens, Chandler displays the traceback in a pop up feedback dialog and allows the user to email the trace to OSAF.
  • In some situations where the repository is in a bad state, Chandler provides a set of options to try to repair the troubled database. Launch Chandler with the Control (Ctrl) key depressed to see this Control Startup dialog appear and the available set of options.
  • The repository is compacted on a regular schedule (every week) to improve Chandler's performance and reliability.
  • Chandler can export and reload an entire repository in a new format (.chex) based on EIM (see EIM in the Architecture section).
  • This format is guarantee to work between revisions (as opposed to the repository itself) so you can use it to save your data and migrate to a new release of Chandler or to a new type of machine (e.g. from Windows to Linux).
  • The Preview version however does not export certificates and data generated by plug ins. If you are using some of the plug ins, be aware those those data will not be migrated between versions.
Quick Entry and Search
  • Chandler sports a text field in the toolbar that allows for the quick creation of new items using a simple syntax: /task, /event, /note
  • Chandler automatically extracts date time using a simple natural language parser and makes its best guess on fuzzy date (e.g. "/e lunch Thursday with Bob" will create an event on the next following Thursday at 12pm).
  • /find launches a search on the repository. Chandler search relies on PyLucene for string match and supports Lucene query syntax for advanced searches.
  • The sidebar has been significantly reworked, supporting on-hover animation, status icons with tooltips, etc...
  • An expandable preview area, giving a summary of the selected or current day, has been implemented. Events on this preview area can be clicked and selected.
  • Drag and drop between the calendar and the minicalendar allows moving events around from a week to another.
  • The sidebar is resizable.
  • The In and Out collections always show in the sidebar.


The Chandler Desktop source code is available under the terms of the Apache Software License, Version 2.0.
With Preview, Chandler expanded its support for iCalendar, implementing VTODO support for instance and fixing numerous import/export issues with ics files produced by a variety of applications. Chandler Preview calibrated its interoperability mostly with Apple's iCal. We are aware of bugs with ics produced by other applications that we intend to address in an upcoming Chandler Desktop 0.7.1 release. Though Chandler Desktop uses morsecode to exchange data with Chandler Server, Chandler Desktop and Server both continue to support CalDAV and WebDAV.
Though we acknowledge there's still lots to do, Chandler performance has been improved in many areas: event notification, UI drawing, sharing, email, etc... As a result, Chandler is able to handle real life scenarios with sizable collections of items and email inboxes. Chandler performance will continue to be one of our focus in the coming releases.
Schema API
The Schema API has been cleaned up and changed significantly since Chandler 0.6. If you wrote any parcel for Chandler 0.6, you will likely have to revise your code. See the application.schema module in Chandler API to view the new API and the Schema API Guide.
The stamping idea is very central to Chandler. This is the thing that allow an item to be several things at the same time (e.g. an event and a task). The underlying model for stamping has been completely redone in Chandler Preview. See the seminal discussion for the reasons of this change.
EIM stands for External Information Model. It is a schema independent representation of data that is well suited for exchange of information. Currently, Sharing, Import/Export, Export/Reload, and Share-by-email all use EIM. EIMML is an XML representation of EIM records, and is used by sharing over Morse Code as well as by Share-by-email when sending Chandler items over email. Import/Export currently converts EIM to ICS format, but other formats could be used in the future. Export/Reload uses the Python "pickle" format to save EIM records on file. See our EIMML Spec for more on EIM.
i18n/l10n (Internationalization/Localization)
Chandler uses unicode strings, translation services and PyICU consistently. Localized resources are packaged as Python Eggs and distributed off Cheese Shop. A set of tools have been created to extract .pot files and package translation eggs. All localizable resources (images, html files) have been moved to the Chandler.egg-info/ structure. Some issues though still prevent Chandler Desktop to be easily localizable and Chandler Preview is using a Chandler-en.po file to provide better English strings to the end user. We are planning to fix this and other reminding i18n issues in an upcoming Chandler Desktop 0.7.1 release. For more info on localization see our Localization project page.
Plugins are optional extension modules formerly known as "parcels". They are packaged as Python Eggs and made available through Cheese Shop (Python Package Index). Some experimental plugins are already available for download (see Plugin>>Download menu in Chandler or directly on Cheese Shop). The Feed plugin, used in the tutorial, has been updated to work with the new architecture. Please, see that tutorial to learn more about these changes. Plugins are downloaded into the plugins/ directory and installed into the projects/ directory, outside the parcels/ directory. Note that Chandler still continues to use the "parcel" wording internally. "Plugins" is used only when talking about 3rd party, optionally installable and downloadable functionalities. Be aware that, because of their experimental nature, those plugins have not been tested regularly and can corrupt your repository. If you end up with a corrupted repository, please go to the troubleshooting page for several tips on how to get your repository back in a consistent state. Also, as a safeguard against propagating corruption, the export/reload feature does not save the data generated by the plugins, in other words, data generated by plugins will be lost when migrating to a new version. We plan to address those issues in an upcoming release.
Command line arguments
For developers launching Chandler from the command line, there has been a long list of arguments added to Chandler Desktop to cover a variety of debugging, troubleshooting and test situations. For instance, you can repair a broken repository with --repair, launch Chandler in a specific language with --locale or even undo some repository version with --undo. Use the --help argument to get the list of all available options.
Python version
Chandler ships with slightly modified Python 2.5.

Chandler Server 0.8 Release Notes

These release notes provide a condensed list of the major modifications to Chandler Server (Cosmo) since the Cosmo 0.7 release.

Improved and New Features

Support for Safari 2.0

All known bugs with Safari 2.0 have been resolved.

CalDAV? support and init"> Improved CalDAV support and initial support for iCal 3.0

Improved compatibility with the CalDAV RFC.

iCal 3.0 (in Mac OS 10.5 "Leopard") will work with Chandler Server 0.8.1 with the following caveats:

  • Collections with spaces in their names do not work with iCal3 - this includes the "Out of the box" collection created for a new user of Chandler Server. iCal 3 users can create their own new collections on a Chandler Server instance without problems.
  • Events which are stamped as tasks show up as neither
  • Some collections do not appear

We are working with Apple to improve compatibility with iCal 3.

Known issues
See the known issues list for specific about current known issues, bugs, and limitations.

Supported platforms

The web interface supports Firefox 2.0, Safari 2.0, IE 6, and IE 7.

The Java-based server code and the provided server bundle should run on any Java 1.5 runtime environment.


The Chandler Server source code is available under the terms of the Apache Software License, Version 2.0.

-- TedLeung - 30 Oct 2007

Chandler Hub changes

  • Our primary server has been upgraded.
  • The server compresses Ajax server responses to boost performance.
  • Support for earlier /home DAV URLs has been dropped. Use the /dav replacement URLs instead.

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