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Cosmo 0.8



Our goal is to interoperate (to the best of our ability to test) with iCal3 and other CalDAV clients.

UI (and other) bug fixes

We will continue to fix usability blocking bugs in the UI.


WebDAV Class 3

RFC 4918 updates the original WebDAV specification (RFC 2581) with revisions based on interoperability experience gained from developing a number of clients and servers.

Cosmo 0.8 will implement the majority of WebDAV class 1 (RFC 2581, minus the locking features) and class 3 (the RFC 4918 revisions). The most notable changes will revolve around enhanced XML processing (storing and returning mixed XML content in property values, ignoring unknown XML elements in request bodies, and returning precondition codes for failure responses), but there are many smaller issues of compliance with different parts of the spec.

CosmoWebdav more fully describes Cosmo 0.8's support for WebDAV. Testers can assume that anything from RFC 4918 that is not addressed in those notes is supported in Cosmo as per spec.


RFC 4791 is the final CalDAV specification. Older versions of Cosmo had only implemented parts of the spec based on earlier drafts.

Cosmo 0.8 will implement most of the full CalDAV spec. Updates include XML processing changes as per WebDAV, returning weak ETags in PUT responses for calendar resources, and support for collations. Additionally, Cosmo will support the VTODO, VJOURNAL, VFREEBUSY and VAVAILABILITY iCalendar components in calendar collections as well as VEVENT.

CosmoCaldav provides a complete description of Cosmo 0.8's CalDAV implementation. Testers can assume that anything from RFC 4791 that is not addressed in those notes is supported in Cosmo as per spec.

WebDAV Access Control

RFC 3744 defines access control extensions to WebDAV. Support for these extensions is required by CalDAV. Older versions of Cosmo had implemented some parts of the specification dealing with principal resources.

Cosmo 0.8 will implement many of the remaining parts of the spec, including most resource properties and reports relevant to user principals. Cosmo 0.8 will not support group principals, and it will not support the properties, methods and reports that allow clients to get and set ACLs on resources. Cosmo has a static access control model where ACLs are created only when a user account, ticket or resource is created, never modified, and deleted only when a user account, ticket or resource is deleted.

CosmoWebdavAcl provides a complete description of Cosmo 0.8's WebDAV access control implementation. Testers can assume that anything from RFC 3744 that is not addressed in those notes is supported in Cosmo as per spec.


5809 P3 VERIFIED Comply with CalDAV changes between draft 09 and published RFC
5947 P3 VERIFIED Freebusy reports should block off a 24 hour period for all day events
6280 P5 RESOLVED implement DAV:principal-property-search report
6416 P3 RESOLVED german umlauts break appointment description in evolution and scooby
6819 P3 VERIFIED PUT ics in users home directory (not in calendar) results in 302
7925 P3 VERIFIED current-user-privilege-set on home collection
7953 P3 VERIFIED Server returns 400 error when VEVENT has STATUS: NEEDS-ACTION
9516 P2 VERIFIED calendar ui is messed up on monitors larger than 1600x1200
9672 P3 VERIFIED Data loss when accepting an iCalendar object containing an unknown parameter
9628 P1 VERIFIED Revisit invalid iCalendar policy
10003 P3 VERIFIED Support VTODO and VJOURNAL in CalDAV
9987 P3 VERIFIED Notes w/o Calendar Stamp created in UI don't show up in DAV
9988 P1 RESOLVED Can't build Cosmo unless SVN checkout
10010 P3 VERIFIED MKCALENDAR does not return 415 for unsupported content type
10011 P3 VERIFIED MKCALENDAR properties ignored
10013 P3 VERIFIED MKCALENDAR with a malformed property erroneously creates the collection
10256 P3 RESOLVED Lightning 0.5 cannot load tasks from a CalDAV calendar
10281 P3 VERIFIED Account Browser - Single calendar item "download as iCal" uses /browse
10328 P3 VERIFIED CalDAV query for non-COMPLETED VTODOs returns VEVENTs
10398 P3 VERIFIED Logged out ticket view Chandler Server About box too short
10399 P3 VERIFIED Subscribing to lab.osaf.us collection using Apple's iCal leads to duplicates for modifications
10458 P1 VERIFIED floating times parsed/interpreted incorrectly in ical4j
10471 P3 VERIFIED new items created from webui don't include icaluid
10527 P3 RESOLVED items marked DONE show up as NOW in Cosmo UI
10558 P1 VERIFIED iCal displays deleted occurrences on calendars subscribed from Cosmo
10640 P3 VERIFIED 'All future items' action broken for items with an altered status
10910 P3 VERIFIED Support VAVAILABILITY as a component that can be stored with CalDAV
10770 P3 RESOLVED Escape IRIs in generated Atom documents
10843 P3 VERIFIED Update DAV:getlastmodified for destination member resources when a collection is copied or moved with DAV
10850 P3 VERIFIED Enhance the HTML pages returned for DAV GETs
11091 P3 VERIFIED Changing this and future items in dashboard view is broken
10934 P1 VERIFIED DAV:current-user-privilege-set property
10935 P2 VERIFIED Provide DAV:needs-privileges precondition code in 403 Forbidden responses
10945 P1 RESOLVED cosmo ui adding double slash to "detached" url
10946 P1 VERIFIED double slash causes java.io.UnsuportedExcodingException
10975 P1 VERIFIED Can't make a "All Future Items" change to a recurring event
10976 P3 VERIFIED Forbidden error updating an event with Lightning
11007 P1 VERIFIED Drop :443 from iCal URL in collection detail
11018 P3 RESOLVED etag generator uses static MessageDigest? that isn't threadsafe
11021 P3 VERIFIED Cannot DELETE collection with content
11029 P3 RESOLVED null lastPastOccurrence crashes web ui
11074 P1 RESOLVED upgrading to dojo 0.4.3 broke built version of js
11081 P3 RESOLVED U+2028 in item body causes ui to crash
11090 P1 VERIFIED Triage column shows (NONE) for Office Calendar
11094 P1 VERIFIED Safari, creating a lozenge on the calendar canvas appearing broken
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