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Report functionality will be coded as a parcel in

Quick entry input The following will be acceptable as input in the quick entry field (the parsing is implemented):

  • /report default report starting from a week ago for the selected collection
  • /report last _report starting from the last report for the selected collection until current time.
  • /report days=<#days> report from #days ago until now
  • /report weeks=<#weeks> report from #weeks ago until now
  • /report hours=<#hours> report from #days ago until now
  • /report startDate-endDate report for dates between startDate and endDate
    • endDate is not fully supported
  • /report startDate report from startDate until now

Developing a new command for the quick entry (what steps made it work for reports) Since it is not yet part of chandler code I had to:

  • Apply the quickentry patch
  • Make sure that the conflicts in chandler/parcels/osaf/views/main/Main.py are resolved and Main.py.rej is not created for the most updated version of Main.py. If there are any conflicts, try to resolve them.
  • In the setup file of the parcel <parcel-path>/setup.py add the name of the new command in the part of
  • For instance, to recognize the command /report add the name of the command and the name of the appropriate function parsing it in the following manner:
 "chandler.quick_entry": ['report = reportsentry:report']
  • In one of the files in the parcel add the method parsing the new command and calling the parcel implementing its functionality (see the report method for example)
  • To install the quick entry functionality run
     chandler/release/RunPython.py chandler/setup.py install 
  • To install the parcel that implements the functionality (in this example Chandler-ReportPlugin) apply:
 chandler/release/RunPython.py chandler/projects/Chanler-ReportsPlugin/setup.py install 
  • For further information on creating parces follow the instructions for creation and development of parcels in chandler such as

-- VeraSheinman - 19 Jul 2007

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