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Progress Reports Proposal

Basic Idea

  • Create a new sub-class of Item, of type "Report"
  • To the new item, add attributes
    • from_date (default = a week ago)
    • until_date (default = now)
    • collections for reporting (default = all)
  • To the Report item add a button "Create an automatic report". Alternatively it may be updated manually or the automatic version may be extended manually.

Basic Workflow User clicks on "Create an item of type progress report", fills in the dates and the relevant collections and clicks "Create an automatic report"

On Chandler's side

  • extract from the repository:
    • extract all the items that were triaged as DONE during the given time-frame
    • extract all the items that are triaged as NOW
    • extract all the items that are triaged as LATER
  • filter only the items from given collections
  • summarize the information
    • by collection
    • in general
  • present the information in textual format in the detailed view
    • #total of items in each triage status
    • titles of the items for each status (sorted by reminder time if available)
    • types of the items (note, task, event)
  • present the relevant items in the dashboard sorted by their triage status
  • when the report is complete, report item may be stamped as an e-mail (and sent to the boss, for instance)

Possible Extensions

  • Make reports clickable. On click, a new report summarizing the progress on the items that happened since the clicked report was created until now. This option will allow to easily create new reports based on already existing format (similar to the real-life situation of weekly reports). The items will be tracked using their uuid in the repository.
  • Some features from Bugzilla may be considered to track progress on items
  • Percentage of completion - calculate using time-estimates (swags)? Tasks differ in their importance and priority, time estimation may be not enough to estimate the % of completion. % of completion may be input manually as an attribute for items.
  • Notify upon items that have or have not changed in several consequent reports - some tasks keep being postponed again and again, that may be of interest.
  • Add an option to stamp an item as "Reportable", to help user decide which items are tracked and which are not. This way, the user can be provided with special attributes, such as % of completion etc. only for the items that the user is interested to track their progress.
  • Provide information on shared items.
  • Aggregate by additional attributes of items.
  • Notify on change of value for attributes. Important attributes would be:
    • priority
    • time estimate (swag)
    • % of completion

Since last report: #items with raised priorities is 5 #items with priority 1 is 3 ...

-- VeraSheinman - 06 Jun 2007

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