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OSCON 2005

OSAF's session dates and times follow for the O'Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon, August 1-5 2005:

CalDAV Conference Panel (date, time, location)

  • Session ID: Track: Emerging Topics http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/os2005/view/e_sess/6626
  • Title: Implementing CalDAV, a New Standard for Sharing Calendar Information Over the Internet
  • Date: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
  • Time: 5:20pm - 6:05pm
  • Location: E144
  • Presenter(s): Mitchell Baker, Pres. Mozilla Foundation, Brian Moseley OSAF, Mike Douglass RPI, Dan Mosedale Mozilla, Dave Camp Hula, Sheila Mooney OSAF

CalDAV BOF - Q&A with leading CalDAV client and server implementers

  • Location:
  • Date/Time: not assigned (requested 6:15pm on Wednesday, 8/3/2005 immediately following CalDAV panel, which follows Ted's session)

Ted Conference Session (date, time, location)


OSAF's Chandler - Q & A With the Developers
  • Location: not assigned (but have requested room E144, the same room immediately following Mitch's panel)
  • Date/Time: not assigned (requested 6:15pm on Wednesday, 8/3/2005 immediately following Mitch's panel, which follows Ted's session)

Important Deadline Dates:

  • June 20: Early registration pricing ends--as does your chance to save upto $300. (And, if you're eligible for a discount--alumni, government, non-profit, etc.--it can be used during the early registration period to save you even more. Check the registration page for details: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/pub/w/38/register.html
  • July 7: Hotel group rate discount ends. For hotel and travel
information, go to: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/pub/w/38/hotel.html
  • July 8: Speaker presentations due to O'Reilly

OSAF Attendees

Nr Name OSCON Role conf. registered booked air Arline/flt#/date/time dates in Portland where staying how to contact to set up meetings Note
1 Mitchel Baker presenter yes yes         Host of the CalDAV panel - Mozilla
2 Brian Moseley presenter yes no Southwest #359 July 31, 7:15 - Southwest #489 Aug 5, 5:35pm Sun thru Fri Doubletree 415 425 7776, email Panelist on the CalDAV panel - OSAF, Cosmo, CalDAV
3 Mike Douglass (douglm at rpi.edu) presenter ? ?         Panelist on the CalDAV panel - RPI, UW server
4 Dan Mosedale (dmose at mozilla.org) presenter yes yes   Sun - Sat   email Panelist on the CalDAV panel - Mozilla sunbird client
5 Dave Camp (Dave at novell.com) presenter ? ?         Panelist on the CalDAV panel - Hula server project
6 Sheila Mooney presenter yes no tbd tues - fri Doubletree 415-531-0855 Panelist on the CalDAV panel - Chandler client
7 TedLeung presenter yes ? N/A Jul 29-Aug 5 Doubletree email, 206-369-5622 Lead for Chandler Parcel session
8 GrantBaillie attendee only yes yes Southwest#359 Aug 02, 7:15pm - Southwest#1733, Aug 5, 7:40pm Tue - Fri Doubletree w/John 415 847 8106  
9 PhilippeBossut attendee only yes yes UA#844, Jul 31, 8:15pm - UA#995, Aug 5, 3:32pm Sun thru Fri Doubletree, w/Bryan e-mail  
10 Jed attendee only yes ?   Sun thru Fri   650.740.7525/email  
11 Bryan Stearns attendee only yes yes AK#569, Jul31, 1:11PM - AK#2475, Aug 5, 9:30PM Sun thru Fri Doubletree, w/Philippe 415 867 8648  
12 John attendee only yes yes Southwest/#449/Aug02/8:15PM Southwest/#2816/Aug05/3:20PM Tue thru Fri Doubletree, w/Grant 650-747-9609  
13     ? ?          
14     ? ?          

OSAF preparation plan

__OSAF will have a panel on CalDAV, a session on building Chandler parcels, and a BOF

How we will put together our panel:

Nr Task Date Status Owner Note
1 Mitchell Baker hosted panel on CalDAV - 45min.     PieterHartsook Mitch Kapor will be in Europe, so Mitchell Baker was willing to host the panel as a replacement.
2 conference call to start organizing panel content 6/20/2005 noon-12:20 PDT emails sent out to confirm   goal: determine panel format, take-away points, who's going to cover what and in what order
3 CalDAV panel agenda   For panel agenda planning details see: OsconCAlDAVpanel2005   Take away goals for the attendees are: (1) Sharing calendars via CalDAV is "real", (2) has significant support from open source and commercial vendors, (3) would be a good place to invest additional resources
4 need to change the session description on the O'Reilly site to remove Slide and add RPI 6/24/2005 Done ! - submitted change via email PieterHartsook  
5 1st rehearsal        
6 2nd rehearsal        
8 Ted session on Building Chandler Parcels - 45 min        
10 BOF registration 8/3/2005 6:15pm requested, received, OK'd- but not yet listed on the OSCON site 6/17/2005 PieterHartsook  
12 Submit presentations to O'Reilly 7/8/2005   PieterHartsook  
13 Book hotel/air       each individual is responsible
14 Press information to press coordinator     PieterHartsook  
15 select other OSAF (non-presenters) to attend done      

Logistical Information


  • Alaska Air is always good from Bay Area to Portland
  • MAX Light Rail
For cheap & convenient transportation from the Portland International Airport (PDX) to the hotels and Convention Center, hop aboard the Airport MAX light rail "Red Line". The Double Tree Hotel and Executive Meeting Center Portland Lloyd Center, the Red Lion Portland Convention Center and the Oregon Convention Center are located on the MAX light rail line with service between the Hotels and Portland International Airport. For a minimal fee, (currently $1.70) MAX will transport guests from the Airport directly to the Hotels doorsteps. Service runs every 15 minutes seven days a week between 4:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.
  • A cab ride from the airport to the hotel will be about $25-30.


The convention hotel is :
  • DoubleTree? Hotel & Executive Meeting Center Portland - Lloyd Center
  • 1000 NE Multnomah
  • Portland, OR 97232
  • Phone: 503-281-6111

  • Hotel reservations: We should default to sharing rooms.
    • Make your hotel reservations by phone. Call the hotel directly at (503) 281-6111.
    • Make your hotel reservations On-line:
      • Go to the DoubleTree Hotel website. Under "Check Availability", enter your arrival and departure dates and click "go". On the next page - "Select Your Reservation Details", select your room type preference and under "Special Accounts" in Group/Convention Code, type "OMI". Click "continue" and follow the steps to complete your reservation.

  • Alternate Hotel
If you are unable to make a room reservation at the OSCON headquarters hotel (DoubleTree? Hotel & Executive Meeting Center) O'Reilly Media has secured additional rooms.

Red Lion Hotel Portland Convention Center 1021 N. E. Grand Avenue Portland OR 97232 Phone: (503) 235-2100 Toll Free: 800-343-1822 Rate: $109.00 plus 12.5% tax (subject to change) Deadline: June 28, 2005 Distance to OSCON: Across the street from the Convention Center

Assume that the presenters Mitch and Ted will have single rooms, and that Sheila as the only female will have a single room, that leaves 3 rooms to accomodate the following:

  • Brian Moseley
  • Grant
  • Philippe
  • Jed
  • Bryan Stearns
  • John

Sort it out amongst yourselves and be sure to book your conference registration, hotel rooms, and travel in time to get the best discounts. (be sure to get the group rate, non-profit rate, and alumni discount if possible from O'Reilly

Conference Registration

  • The best discount is 40% per person for being a full-time employee of a non-profit.
  • additional discount of 10% per person off early bird rate if 3 or more from an organization attend - only one additional discount per person
  • additional discount of 20% per person off early bird rate if you are an alumni form a previous O'Reilly conference - only one additional discount per person

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