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Since last meeting:

  • uploaded the updated code to sandbox
  • traversing the items history is incorporated in the code * talked to Andi about stale items, it is impossible to make them read only, but possible to retrieve a dictionary of their values * returning values dictionaries for all the items, to handle the deleted and stale items cases
  • implemented getUpdatedItems report section, for items that their bodies were changed
  • segmentation fault in tests happens when tearDown is present
  • working with an older revision 15053, waiting for the updated patch of quickentry to update
  • presentation is complete, working on the demo

TODO until next meeting

  • think again about the desired use cases
  • update the presentation with description of the use cases, rather than general description of reports
  • complete the demo
  • clean up the code further
  • add the differentiation between items modified by me and by others

TODO later

  • after quickentry handling becomes part of the trunk (towards end of august), update to the latest version

Next meeting:

  • next meeting (Thursday), trying the presentation
    • try the international call - skypeOut or normal call
    • try VNC
    • check the presentation
  • next meeting or before - review the code in sandbox


  • to report about updated items, they have to be updated by me and not others, how can one extract the email address representing me?

-- VeraSheinman - 09 Aug 2007

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