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From Last Week

  • Make the Reports parcel fully independent by updating the quickentry point in the Chandler-ReportPlugin setup.py, and not in chandler/setup.py - DONE
  • Discuss presentation about the reports project to OSAF. How? When? - schedule a date for VCN practice
    • play with recording scripts in chandler for that purpose. - TBD
  • Turn Report into a Stamp - DONE
  • Stale Item Error
    • use a dictionary with attributes from the stale items to store. _ from Andi: there is a way to do it using values.update(item.itsValues)_
  • Implement reports for non-trivial cases, that require historical information from the repository.
    • Example: items that were LATER at start time, then NOW, and LATER again by the end of report time are not supposed to be in transition out.

-- VeraSheinman - 25 Jul 2007

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