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Probably the main hive of activity of the EccoPro? community is the Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eccopro/

-- RaymondYee - 16 Jan 2003

At BasicEccoOutlining20030118 is a copy of a message I posted on the design list. It's a description of the basics of Ecco's outlining functionality, intended as an exemplar for study.

-- DonDwiggins - 18 Jan 2003

I'm new here but not new to Ecco. The most powerful aspect of Ecco for me is the ability to plan my tasks in an outline form -- which I the way that I think -- and then be able to use Ecco's columns to assign the date to the specific task is to be done in one column, assign a priority to the task in another column and view the date that the task was completed in another column.

The power of Ecco is that when I assign a task date to any activity at any level of an outline that task shows up on the Task List portion of my calendar on that day.

I have been away from using Ecco for about a year and a half. I went to Microsoft Outlook 97 because it was easy to synchronize with my Handspring Visor. If I assigned a date to a task in Outlook other than the top level of an item, it did not show up on the calendar. I gave up and stopped using Outlook for serious planning.

The synchronization of my PIM with my PDA is essential for me. Recently, though information that I got from the Ecco Pro group on Yahoo Groups http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eccopro/ I was able to figure out how to synchronize Ecco with my Handspring Visor.

The result is that I have been using Ecco again for less than three weeks and already I am far more productive and much better organized.

I think any group seeking to create the next great PIM has to take a look at what Ecco offers and how Ecco allows the user to create, store, access and manipulate information.

The proof of Ecco's usefulness is the dedicated, worldwide user base for a program that is no longer marketed and that has no vendor support.

I have been thinking recently that I will probably never migrate to a Pocket PC for a PDA. The reason is that there is no conduit for synchronizing Ecco with the Pocket PC and Ecco is too important to me to give it up.

-- JohnCallahan - 18 Jan 2003

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