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Apps Team Meeting December 14th, 2006


  • Question du Jour : (5 min) (completely non work related... smile ) Any cool plan for the holiday season?
  • Alpha5 : (15 min) I revised the priorities of all alpha5 bugs for those of us who were (are) overcommitted. We now have a more balanced workload though it means that, unless we get lucky and/or incredibly productive, most of the P4/P5 won't make it into alpha5. Note though that also mean that all P1/P2/P3 must make it in alpha5! There's really no fat to cut anymore unless we cut substantial features. All in all, this gives us an estimated time of arrival for Feature Complete of February 15th. Comments, questions?
  • Special session with Mimi : (10 min) Mimi would like to talk about 2 toolbar bugs for which the solution require some wx compromise:
    • bug 6812 : Send button missing on ubuntu
    • bug 7558 : Selected state of toolbar buttons looks bad on Mac
  • Issues and Announcements : (5 min) Have something to announce? Issues to bring to the group? Please take the stage.
  • Misc (5 min):
    • Benefit: Last day to turn your forms in is tomorrow!
    • Inventory and machines: Thanks for sending me your info! I heard from everyone in that group. I need to follow up with Jared (and the whole set of Cosmo servers) to get a complete picture of our asset.
    • Robin's interview: I discovered that our own Robin gave an interview on wxPython on the Podcast of Python411 (check out "wxPython in Action" on October 1st). Cool!! smile


  • Progress
    • Reprioritization of alpha5 bugs. Work load rebalanced.
  • Plan
    • Continue on alpha5
    • Need to unblock devs on functiona tests failures


Question du Jour

Any cool plan for the holiday season?
  • Not a lot of fun announcement wink
  • Lots of people will be away but virtually around for the length of the last 2 weeks of December


  • John, Reid: both hit snags with functional tests.
  • Functional test fixing is still taking a toll on productivity. Philippe's concerned and frustrated by this. Solutions? Ideas?
  • Need to split functional tests into networked and non networked. Need to discuss that with Heikki.

Special session with Mimi

    • bug 6812 : Send button missing on ubuntu. We can't resize items on the toolbar. Options:
      • Move the send button to the left of the search field, special case for Linux. Issue is that the position is stored in the repo. Would be OK to have this on all platform.
      • Add Send to the markupbar. Too crowded now.
      • Move the search field somewhere else. Too much work.
    • bug 7558 : Selected state of toolbar buttons looks bad on Mac. Issue with the native toolbar on Mac allows only one button to toggle. wx implemented a workaround but that looks pretty poor. We can turn the wx behavior off on Chandler and use the Mac native. That would be a Chandler specific wx change though, one more Chandler specific patch. We do prefer that solution though.

Issues and Announcements

  • What's the agenda for the Sprint? We will basically work on our regularly scheduled stuff but all together in Howard street. Please take advantage of this opportunity to do focus sessions with people you don't see often and need to collaborate with!



  • Fixed [Bug 7555] Use the ip address for EHELO / HELO communications
  • Fixed [Bug 7553] Stamping as mail resets summary
  • Fixed [Bug 6849] Need to keep track of out of date email accounts for IN/OUT collections
  • Fixed [Bug 6857] In and Out collections should compute their contents based on the sender or recipient of an email, not the isOutbound attribute
  • Fixed [Bug 5988] Shared events stamped as email introduce an 'Out' collection
  • Working on [Bug 6715] Chandler to Chandler email headers
  • Working on [Bug 6717] Subscribe to IMAP folders : Chandler events, Chandler tas...


  • Making progress with mouse-capture problem (gdb is showing me that it's within a CaptureMouse? call when it crashes; still haven't figured out why, though.
  • (This cost a fair amount of time getting a full debug build on ubuntu to work, but that's done now)
  • Participated in discussions about recurrence, etc.


  • Fixed a clutch of vobject bugs for alpha5
  • A bit more discussion about edit/update
  • Fixed a bunch of small bugs, reducing my number of bugs pleasantly
  • Worked on saving iCalendar data that Chandler doesn't understand


  • Worked at a greatly reduced productivity level this week, spending about half my time on mysterious build problems / test failures and wasted lots of time wating for tinderbox builds to finish.
  • Finished my "proof of concept" for script recording to automate the generation of test scripts.
  • Started the "brain dump" phase where I get QA to begin helping finish development of script recording.
  • I still can't run functional tests on all the platforms. I've been seeing problems since I moved to a new computer about a month ago. I'm going to spend time tracking down these problems, which will delay scheduled work on search.


  • Monitored incoming bugs with team
  • Reprioritized Apps team alpha5 bugs so the work load feels OK for everybody and we focus on the right things
  • Reviewed my own alpha5 bugs, had some issues with wx documentation that Robin helped me fix (thanks!)
  • Revived Markku pmtool code, was able to run it finally (thanks to Heikki and Reid for their help on various issues) but found a couple of showstoppers (for my use pattern at least), updated its Wiki documentation as a result
  • Finished FY07 OSAF budget
  • Wrote first draft of OSAF Expense Policies
  • Worked on upcoming board meeting
  • HR related activities


  • Spending the week in Windows dev hell
  • All of this is to fix the tinderbox problems raised by the checkin of the fix for Bug#7048
  • Set up Windows dev env on Parallels
    • functional tests do not pass - specifically, TestRecurringEvent
    • it's suggested that it might be a side-effect of running under Parallels
  • Installed Windows under BootCamp (i.e. multi-booting)
    • after installing cygwin and setting up dev env, find that TestRecurringEvent is still failing
  • currently trying to find out why TestRecurringEvent is failing


  • Integrated a patch that adds a wxSearchCtrl class, using the nativeHISearchField on Mac. This satisfies the needs of Bug#6766. Many changes were needed in addition to the patch in order to have less impact on existing wx code, and also to add things that were missing, such as configure and bakefile changes, and also several fixes to the generic version, etc.
  • Assisted with the wx 2.8.0 release process.
  • Released wxPython, which includes the wxSearchCtrl classes.
  • Working on merging wxPython into OSAF's wx.
  • Helped John with his implementation of wx.App.FilterEvent.
  • Worked on several bugs brought up on the wxPython-dev and wxPython-users mail lists, and discovered during the release process.
  • Various community support activities via email and IRC.

-- PhilippeBossut - 14 Dec 2006

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